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Am Johnny Kibilige, the founder and owner of Kikafri Collections Ltd, a fully registered online bag and fashion company based in Kenya. My journey to entrepreneurship dates back to when I was a toddler. Growing up, we didn’t have much. In fact, it had become a normal thing to sleep on an empty stomach and on cold wet floors. Life was indeed very tough and we were destitute. Luckily, I never let my background define my future. I was fortunate enough to get enrolled to a child sponsorship program called Compassion International. Because of my sponsors, Compassion could provide assistance and schooling to me all the way till university. In order to achieve my goals, I knew I had to work harder than everyone else because sometimes life beats you up and the only way one can come out it is by succeeding.


It was at campus when my life took a turn around when I came up with a business idea that could support my personal and school expenses. I have always had a liking for coming up with unique products from scratch and that’s how I found a need for custom made African print (fabrics) products. I started making all sorts of bags made to the customer’s liking, putting emphasis on every detail: Kikafri Collections was born! I was able to join a business training class and could pitch my business idea to angel investors known as Christian Business Angels (CBA). They believed in my idea and the vision for the company and I got capital investment.

Our main aim is to emphasize individual style by letting the clients design their own piece of Africa. As a brand, Kikafri Collection is aiming for global fashion domination to spread our unique sense of fashion. By purchasing a product from us, lives are changed as we are able to provide jobs to skilled, but often unemployed, young Kenyans so as to improve their lives and create personal dignity.

We’ve also come up with a  donation model that works like this, for every bag that is purchased, we in turn donate a school bag to child in need. By shopping from us, you not only design a piece of Africa but also change a child’s life.

Thank you for placing your order, and design your piece of Africa!

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